Real Estate Elevated FAQ

Real Estate Elevated BBB FAQ's

What is Real Estate Elevated?
Real Estate Elevated is a real estate investing course developed by HGTV Flip or Flop stars, Tarek & Christina El Moussa. Students learn the insider tips and secrets to making an income by flipping houses.

What will Real Estate Elevated teach me?
If you've done your research online, you've probably read all sorts of things about the Real Estate Elevated program and what you can expect to learn. Students leave with a good understanding of specific real estate information tailored to their state. That means that if you live in Wisconsin and you attend an event, you won't be learning generalized information about national figures. You'll learn Wisconsin-specific real estate investing information.

Who are Tarek & Christina?
Tarek & Christina El Moussa are the hosts of HGTV's wildly successful tv show, Flip or Flop. They are a husband and wife team that have the real estate investing experience and know-how to make flipping houses a successful career for themselves and their family. 

Will Tarek & Christina be teaching the course?
It seems that a lot of disappointment about the Real Estate Elevated classes stem from the fact that people are expecting Tarek & Christina to be there. There's a lot to do when you're famous so that means that their schedules can't always align to be at each and every real estate event and Real Estate Elevated does mention this on their website. However, Real Estate Elevated does guarantee that you'll have a great time and learn some insider secrets from the playbook of Tarek & Christina. And once in a while, they do show up for the courses to help the coaches teach...but as long as you don't go expecting autographs you should be pleased with the opportunity.

Is Real Estate Elevated a scam?
Real Estate Elevated events get a bad rap online for being a scam or get-rich-scheme. There's multiple reviews of those who have attended the workshops giving their feedback on what they enjoyed about the course and what they learned. It's easy to get online and write a scathing review about a course if Christina didn't show up. We recommend doing your research about the classes so you can know what to expect. Real Estate Elevated has become increasingly transparent about expectations recently so that students can be more educated before enrolling.

Where can I read reviews about Real Estate Elevated?
You can find reviews from the Better Business Bureau on our Real Estate Elevated BBB reviews page. You can also find reviews on the Real Estate Elevated website, the Google+ page for Real Estate Elevated and at There are other review sources online to glean some information from as well.

Where can I find out about upcoming Real Estate Elevated events?
You can find where Real Estate Elevated seminars will be held next from the Real Estate Elevated site. 

Do people that attend Real Estate Elevated end up doing anything with what they've learned?
It all depends on determination and persistence. Real estate investing is not an easy gig but that's where you can learn the tips and tricks from Real Estate Elevated. Tarek & Christina have learned the ropes and have had hundreds of successful flips. Those who attend Real Estate Elevated do have success in their real estate endeavors, they just need to put what they've learned to the test and see that it will work.