Real Estate Elevated Scam Concerns

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Real Estate Elevated is a real estate seminar that was founded by Tarek and Christina El Moussa. You may recognize these names from HGTV’s hit TV show, “Flip or Flop.” Tarek and Christina are real estate experts who specialize in flipping houses for big profits. With Real Estate Elevated, you can also learn how to flip houses. When done right, with the right guidance, flipping can become a very profitable business. Through their various workshops, Real Estate Elevated teaches you the ins and outs of the business, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

However, Real Estate Elevated has it’s fair share of haters. Some people have even gone as far as calling Real Estate Elevated a scam. Why is that? In this post, we will dive into people’s concerns about the supposed “Real Estate Elevated Scam” and put those ugly rumors to rest.  

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Real Estate Elevated Takes Advantage of People

People often leave bad reviews online. These people had a bad experience and feel the need to express their concern online, where their voice can be heard. This is normal and people are entitled to their opinions. However, these individuals often use hyperbole when describing their “terrible” experience.

Real Estate Elevated does not take advantage of people. Taking advantage of someone implies lying. There is none of that at Real Estate Elevated workshops. The programs and price points are laid out in the open. Before you sign up for anything, you will know exactly what you are getting.

Real Estate Elevated Doesn’t Deliver

Some people have also said you don’t learn anything at Real Estate Elevated. This is a bizarre complaint because it is so untrue. Real Estate Elevated offers various types courses at different price points. No matter which seminar you choose, even the free course, you will be educated. The whole purpose of Real Estate Elevated is to educate people on how to flip houses. If Real Estate Elevated didn’t teach people, the company wouldn’t last long.

Real Estate Elevated Puts Too Much Pressure on People

Some former Real Estate Elevated students have said that they were put under pressure to sign up for additional Real Estate Elevated courses. Well, to put it simply, yes, Real Estate Elevated wants you to buy its service.

This concern is hard to sympathize with because the nature of business is to sell products and services. How else would people make money? People are put under pressure to buy things everyday, so it seems unfair to point to Real Estate Elevated and say this is an unethical practice.

For example, Nike puts pressure on its fans to buy their gear. They have commercials, online advertisements and athlete endorsements all for one reason; to get YOU to buy their stuff. They want you to feel like the only way you can be successful at basketball  is if you have Lebron James’ shoe. Companies want people to buy their stuff. Real Estate Elevated is no different.

Tarek and Christina Don’t Show Up

This is a common complaint and one that is easily put to rest. Yes, Tarek and Christina are the founders of Real Estate Elevated. This does not mean that they will show up to your town’s Real Estate Elevated event. Tarek and Christina have their own lives, as well as a TV show that they film. Not to mention, there are often multiple Real Estate Elevated events going on in the same day. Do you really expect Tarek and Christina to be in two, sometimes three places at once?

Whenever possible, Tarek and Christina attend Real Estate Elevated seminars. And if they don’t show up, there is no need to worry. All of the course materials have been created and approved by Tarek and Christina. The coaches that are presenting the information have also been trained by them.

Real Estate Elevated is a Ponzi Scheme

Some people have even gone as far as accusing Real Estate Elevated of being a Ponzi Scheme. For those of you who don’t know, the Ponzi Scheme is an illegal way of stealing people’s money.

In the Ponzi Scheme, the purpose is to invite people to a “business opportunity” and take their investment money. Once you have their money, you recruit another larger group of people looking for a “business opportunity.” You then take their money, and pay off the first group of people, so they think they are making money on the fake investment. This goes on and on, collecting money, and paying off the previous group. In a Ponzi Scheme, no goods or services are exchanged; you are just straight up stealing.

Obviously, Real Estate Elevated is not a Ponzi Scheme. Real Estate Elevated doesn’t rely on recruiting people and, most importantly, they are actually giving their customers something valuable in return. Don’t get caught up in the negative rumors and myths surrounding Real Estate Elevated. Do your research, and decide on your own if Real Estate Elevated is right for you.

Real Estate Elevated Scam Concerns

Real Estate Elevated Scam Concerns

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